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Day 16 and 17 – Luxor cont. Karnak

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Today we are going to Karnak. Karnak is a huge open air museum and the largest ancient religious site in the world. It is the main place of worship for the Theban triad of gods: Amun-Re, his consort Mut, and their son, Montu or Khonsu; or something like that.  Yes, the alternate names of the gods and the evolutions of their aspects can be very confusing to me. It is way more complex than what I am presenting here, believe me.

Karnak is a complex of temples, chapels, pylons and other buildings.  Ancient temples were considered to be the residences of the gods. The Temple was a closed compound, open only to the priests and the pharaoh. The public could only enter the courtyard.

 What is so cool about Karnak is that the construction of all these things took place over a couple of thousand years beginning in the Middle Kingdom (2040-1640 BC) and ending with Cleopatra in the Ptolemaic Times (Greek rule of Egypt 305 – 30 BC) when the Romans took over. Approximately 30 different pharaohs contributed to the buildings making Karnak attain a size, complexity and diversity not seen anywhere else.


 (1914 by Cornell University – from Wikipedia)

Karnak is divided into four parts: the Precinct of Amun-Re, the Precinct of Mut, the Precinct of Montu( Khonsu) and the dismantled Temple of Amenhotep IV.  Only Amun-Re’s precinct is open to the public at this time.


Below is the sacred lake where the priests would do purifications and during festivals, images of the gods would travel across the lake in boats. This sacred lake is the largest known sacred lake.


 (Picture from Wikipedia)

Next is the great Hypostyle Hall built by Seti I. The roof is gone but the hall covers 50,000 sq feet. It has 134 columns in 16 rows. The two middle rows are about 36 feet high. It was a forest of columns.


(Picture from Wikipedia)

(1838 Lithograph by David Roberts – from Wikipedia)


It was in here that I first saw in my mind an old, tired looking man sitting at a table writing something down.

He said, “I am weary.”

“What are you doing?”

“Taking care of business, of course.”

“What business are you taking care of?”

“God business, except I have no more power. No one believes in me anymore. I am an unused deity.”

“What does that mean? If you are God, you are God, right?”

He sighed, “No, Linda. I am a created deity; I have no power except that which my followers projected onto me. They gave me their own power and then put their faith in me to tell them what to do.  It is useful because  when they act in the name of god, they are not responsible for the success or failure of the action, rather, the outcome is god’s will. Also, when believing they are acting out god’s will, people will allow their power to expand exponentially and they can achieve things they never could if they believed they were acting only for their own will.”


“People are not comfortable acknowledging their personal power so most of them deny it exists. Mostly they are afraid of how their weak, unwise egos would use it, so they give it away to gods and other images of power and then let themselves be told what to do.”

“So, what do I believe in then?”

“You already know the answer to this, Linda.  You told it to Ramses. Believe in your SELF.  You are an expression and manifestation of Love, Linda. When you are in communication with your Inner Voice and align your Linda- self with your God-self and Source in Love then you are One. Then instead of using power to create for the ego, you use it to create for Love. You don’t have to be afraid of acknowledging yourself anymore.”

And then he was gone in a burst of light. Just like that.

Holy Moly, I don’t know about this one, I don’t feel very powerful. I have my own issue that I can’t seem to get over, i.e. overeating.  Maybe I have given my power to this.  I don’t know, I have to think about all of this, but not right now cuz I am still checking out Karnak.

We headed back into the “Holy of Holies”, the sanctuary where the priest performed sacred rituals and the king would commune with the god, Amun. By the way, I read that the word “amen” said at the end of a prayer, is a direct reference to the god Amun who was also called Amen and Amon.


 (Picture from Wikipedia)

 This is the Ptolemaic gateway in front of the Temple of Khonsu (Montu):


 (Picture from Wikipedia)

 Hatshepsut restored the original Precinct of Mut, the ancient Egyptian mother goddess. She had twin obelisks erected at the entrance to the temple. One fell and the other is still standing as the tallest surviving ancient obelisk on Earth.


(Precinct of Mut -Picture from Wikipedia)

(Picture by Steve F.E. Cameron- from Wikipedia)

This is the statue of the sacred scarab which represents the god Khepri, the reborn sun at dawn. The scarab is a dung beetle that lays its eggs in a dung ball which it then pushes around with its feet. The eggs would benefit from the protection and the warmth of the dung.  The image of the larvae coming out of the dung ball became the symbol of rebirth; the dung ball became the symbol of the sun rising up into the sky; and the dung beetle pushing the dung ball became the symbol of the sun traversing the sky each day.  The local guides say that if you walk around this statue seven times you will never again have love problems. There were people doing it!


(Picture by Steve F.E. Cameron- from Wikipedia)

 We stopped at a snack bar for a break and found that a cat had kittens and one of the grounds keepers was fishing for little fishes that she could eat. This entranced Alexei.  He loves animals.


After this nice interlude we decided to go back to the hotel. There is still so much to see at Karnak, but, we were weary. On our way down the path that led out of the complex, Alexei was talking, but I could hear a wailing sound.  I thought it might be a baby crying in the village about a 1/4/ mile away.

Noelle stopped walking and asked, “What’s that sound?”

Immediately, Alexei stopped talking and like a hound dog began to track the sound.

In my mind the thought came, “NO! Don’t go look, what will we do with what we find? We are on vacation in a foreign country, what do we do?”

OMG! Where did that come from? That kind of fear thought is so not me.

Is it?

But, before I could start berating myself for having it, my Inner Voice said, “Calm down and observe.”

I became very neutral and almost in a detached space as I watched   this experience unfold before us.

Alexei walked into the huge, sandy, undeveloped area between Karnak and the village.  About 100 yards into it, I could see him bend down and the wailing stopped.  He came back carrying a small puppy that lay contentedly on his forearm. It had been left out in the sun. 

Right away, Alexei and Noelle were trying to figure out how to smuggle the puppy back into the hotel. Alexei was making plans to take her home with him to live with his two other dogs; and, “Hey, where can we find some milk?”.

 They found some milk at a tourist shop and we took a taxi back to the hotel. They went inside while I went to the ATM.  When I came back to Alexei’s room the little girl had been washed in cool water, taken some sips of mild and was now resting in a blue towel Alexei had brought from home.  I went over to check her energy.  It was very strong to my senses.

Noelle said, “Look, Linda’s giving her a healing.”

“No, I’m not. Her energy is strong, she could make it.  I am asking Love to take care of her and for whatever is best.”

Alexei said, “That is her name then – Karnak Inshallah”

Inshallah means “God willing”.

We had to run some errands. I don’t remember where I went, but Alexei and Noelle had to go to the ATM and somehow they got into a conversation with the healer guy who had tried to help Noelle when she had fallen before. This guy keeps popping up! I wish I had taken time to meet him. He offered to take care of Karnak Inshallah and  to make sure she got good care.

That made me aware that no matter where I am or what situation I am in, I can rely on Love. I don’t need to feel the fear of “what to do”; instead, just choose Love, act, and follow Love’s guidance.  I thought I had already learned that when I took care of Bella as related by her story in my book. I guess I still need more learnin’.

When we got back to the hotel, we found that Karnak Inshallah had died. It was a somber moment for all of us. 

The next day, by himself, Alexei took Karnak Inshallah over to the west bank of the Nile. He found a beautiful, peaceful place to bury her.




Rest in peace little Karnak Inshallah.

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  1. I feel this entry has the answer to what many people will take many lifetimes to learn… R.I.P. Karnak. Makes me wonder what life & love has in store for her in the next game of life…

    • Hey, Martin, please elaborate on the fist part of your comment. Linda

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      • Hi Linda! 🙂 Sorry for the late reply, I got your message but I completely lost my train of thought… I think this is what I was thinking about the the I was reading your entry.

        I believe that we all reincarnate into many different lives to learn different lessons. There are some old souls who will get what you’re talking about. There will be some ‘newer’ souls who will think a lot of this a bunch of crazy. Or there will be some people who aren’t ready for this kind of answer yet, who knows?

        Many people come to learn the similar lessons but endure different circumstances in various stages of their lives. Acting out of love is probably the most self-less things anyone can do. As much misery there is in the world, there is as much overcoming.

        I think the point I was trying to make is that I felt some people have a long ways to go in terms of getting to understand the concept of Love, and it is okay (always a bigger picture). Some people do not know how to react to love/kindness. Some people seem very blinded to the idea of being able to love themselves to help themselves. Some may even be caught in a vicious cycle of never ending hate/spite/anguish. People will do crazy things for love (I would know lol). I think some people greatest lesson to learn is learning that they can have control of their lives if they can learn to love it…

        Sorry Linda, I think I forgot the restof what I was going to say, but these were some of the thoughts that I was thinking when reading your entry… I’ll try getting back to you once I remember …

        Here are some things excerpts to why I was thinking the way I did when reading your entry :).

        “One way people give up their power is believing that they have none.”

        “In thousands or even millions of years of human existence there has never been a person like you and there won’t be…ever.”

        One of my card said, ” We have been given an opportunity to transform Fate into Destiny. At birth, each person is given a unique map with myriad paths that intersect with one another. The map shows all the places you’re meant to visit, places where you will be challenged to evolve into the highest aspects of the Self (whether being patient’s advocate or even a good friend). We area spark of Divine come to Earth to experience Itself in human form. As such, your path is unique. It’s also somewhat preordained, and Fate represents the events in your life that were meant to happen and that you can’t change. Fate is transformed into Destiny according to how you respond to your circumstances. Destiny offers you the ability to make great opportunities out of fated experience, so free will and choice are possible at certain points on the your map.”

        My good friend wrote this entry I’ll paste below,
        “Why are we here? What is our life purpose? Do you know? Well, if you don’t, it’s okay! You’re not alone. Since I can remember, I’ve always asked people, “what is your life purpose?” I was always curious of what other’s thought. For the most part, I’d usually receive a blank stare, or raised eyebrows and a smirk. Some people politely answer “to be nice to others before I die”. Although I think it’s a pretty good answer, on a more serious note, do any of us really know?

        Does dying have anything to do with it? Not something I like to discuss really, after all, we all die differently or have different types of “death” experiences. But I can tell you about what I learned in the short time that I experienced in another dimension, one I call Home.

        When I had my NDE (near death experience years ago), I was pure and beautiful energy… Able to physically see, however, didn’t carry a physical body like we do here. I also learned that energies were recognized by their light.. no male or female like here. Millions of them, only some more highly evolved than others. You can easily recognize someone from their energy.

        On Earth we’re either male or female. We also measure many things, such as distance, mass, weight, time. Even feelings are measured, such as pain, and joy. Illnesses are rated by stages and even down to profiles, being judged and again, measured … the list goes on and on. Many believe that we come from here and then once this so called “life lesson” is learned, we simply complete our journey to return home, heaven, or the other side, whatever you prefer calling it. Some think that once they pass, they go into a box and that’s the end of it.

        Well, it’s not what I learned when I crossed. Even though I was very young at the time of my NDE, I learned that we come from “there – the other side”… Loving souls who make agreements with each other, before they come into being, to come here in order to learn life lessons. Look at Earth as our playing field, a school where we come to learn. We learn many ways and also through others experiences. Let me explain further.

        When I passed, I learned that our bodies hosts the “soul” or as some refer to it, “energy”. The body learns lessons as it measures situations emotionally, physically, mentally, etc… remember, everything here is measured. People often ask why it is that they would choose to live such a harsh life only to suffer through it and die. I tell them really, I don’t know why the soul chooses these types of paths, however, as I mentioned, souls are highly evolved beings and know what is required to be able to learn, so that they can progress to their next soul level once they pass.

        I believe we all subconsciously know our life purpose, however, it’s concealed from us for a good reason for if we had an awareness of what Home was like, we’d all want to skip school..”

  2. This post is an interesting metaphor for the struggle of life and death. In a place where ancient monuments to people of the past and gods of ancient times still rise above the sands…connecting past,present and future together. The fragile life of a little baby puppy…abandoned and left to die…having a few hours of love doted upon her….a name given…only to leave this place…”God Willing” her home…but before leaving she is touched by Love. The old still stands…the young, too weak to live…taken home. Thank you Linda for this touching story of Past and Present intertwining…R.I.P. Karnak Inshallah…Loved and remembered..then shared with the world…

    • Ahh, Raven, thankyou for that comment especially about Karnak Inshallah. You have lightened my heart! Love, linda

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